How to Remove Fear of Change

By Preeti Narayan

Co-author, Success MindwareTM

CHANGE is a key step in any Self-development program or Self Help Strategies.

Unless you change and improve your thinking or your actions, you will always get what you are getting now. Yet how many people try to change themselves?

Very few.


Fear. It is the fear of change, which mostly holds back people from changing themselves into more dynamic individuals. What kind of fear is this?

Firstly, it is the fear of unknown.
Unconsciously, people are afraid of changing into something they have never been before. Also, there is fear of some unknown problem and situation, which may arise while they are trying to change.

Secondly, it is the fear of inconvenience.
You tell a student that he can score top grade in his next exam and every other exam in his life, and he will feel good. Initially.

But then his brain will automatically start calculating the amount of work which he will have to do to get that top grade. It will analyze the amount of efforts which he will have to put in--to shed old habits and attitude, and learn new study habits and skills.

Soon the task of scoring top grades in every exam seems like too much effort, too inconvenient and intimidating (which need not be so.) Hence after initial enthusiasm, he forgets all about it.

Thirdly, there is the fear of failure.
What if you tried very hard to change and improve, and yet failed? It would be embarrassing, humiliating, something like personal defeat. This fear of failure is a very common reason why people donít even try to change.

And generally these are the same people who, hiding behind these fears, claim it is not possible to change.

While the truth is, change is possible.

Look around you. How many things have changed around you in last 5 years? Cars? Computers? Your home? Furniture? Neighbors? Friends? You are also changing: physically (itís called aging!) and mentallyóby learning to adapt and adjust to new technology, skills, situations and experience in your day to day life.

Change is natural. In fact, change is the only thing which is constant.

Instead of letting life change you according to its whims, you can take control and change according to your plan and desire. Change and improve into dynamic, successful person. But first you have to get over the fear of change. Itís easy.

Just use this simple twin strategy:

1. Make small changes at a time

Donít think of changing overnight into something completely different. Try to make small changes at a time. Take baby steps. It will gradually add up to big change. Taking small steps help you stay in control. It is easy, as it does not require lot of work. And you wonít fail or feel afraid.

For example: if you have trouble sticking to your study timetable, then decide that you will follow your timetable only for one or two hours a day. Then gradually increase the number of hours you follow the time table to 3,4Ö.and finally the whole day.

Or if you are overwhelmed by the idea of getting top grades in all the exams in your studentís life, then forget about them. Just concentrate on getting top grade in next exam. Once you finish with that, move your attention to the next one.

2. Keep your interest fired up

To continue changing and improving, you have to keep the interest and enthusiasm alive. Or you will soon give up. Hereís how to keep your interest fired up:

  • Keep in your mind the benefits, which you will get by changing and improving yourself.

  • Think of the praises or rewards which you will get from your parents, teachers, and even relatives.

  • Imagine the attention and admiration which you will attract among your friends, classmates, and later, colleagues in your office.

  • Note down every success you achieve in changing yourself in a diary. Read this list frequently. For more help, you can refer Part-1 of Success MindwareTM course, where we have described a powerful tool to use your achievements to make big success easy. But right now, you can use above simple ways to defeat your fears. 

With the above twin strategies you can easily reach for your higher dreams.


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Preeti Narayan is an author, mind trainer and self-improvement expert who helps people discover their inner power and live more fulfilling life. 

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