How To Learn Anything You Want

By Preeti Narayan

Co-author, Success MindwareTM


How to learn anything you want?

Believe it or not, there is one word--yes, just one word--which holds the power to help us learn anything. And that one word is: Repetition.

We learn everything by repetition. Surprised?

Watch a baby which is learning to walk.

The baby stands up shakily and tries to put one foot ahead of other. Initially it is a struggle.  But the baby repeats the same process again and again for days or even weeks. And gradually its body becomes efficient in standing up and walking around on its feet.

This is the power of repetition. And this is just one example.

Whatever we have learnt till today is due to repetition.

When we do some work repeatedly or frequently, we become more ‘adapt,’ more ‘efficient’ in doing that work.  We automatically develop the abilities to do it better and better.

This is how ‘experts’ are born. This is how ‘geniuses’ are made. This is how people occupy top position in their career and earn respect, recognition and fortune for their skill.

 For example:  

  • A singer. The more he sings, the more good he becomes at singing. 

  • A tennis player. The more he plays, the better he becomes at the game.  

  • A doctor. The more patients he treats, the more expert and confident he becomes in his work. 

In every work, in every skill, we become better and better only when we do it repeatedly. This is the fundamental secret to learn, to improve or better yourself in any work.

You can use this power of repetition--and master any work, any skill, any information you want. For example: 

  • If you find any subject difficult, study it frequently.

  •  If you want to remember any information, revise it frequently.

  •  If you want to learn any skill related to your job, just work on that skill repeatedly. Use that skill again and again.

Back in college days, I had a friend who was expert in solving math problems.  Reason?  He had a math teacher who used to make them solve 100 problems a day. Talk about repetition!

 No wonder, even hundreds of years ago, Aristotle said, “Excellence is an art won by training and habituation…we are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.”

So use this power of repetition. You will learn anything you want, without fail.


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Preeti Narayan is an author, mind trainer and self-improvement expert who helps people discover their inner power and live more fulfilling life. 

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