How to Remain Healthy During Exam?

By Preeti Narayan

Co-author, Success MindwareTM

You may have worked hard and prepared thoroughly for the exam. But if you don’t maintain your health in good condition, you may not be able to give your best performance in the exam. That, would be a waste of your hard work.

You can avoid such tragedies. You can stay fit and keep away from illness during exam.

Here’s how:

1. Keep regular timings

 Don’t upset your daily routine of eating and sleeping. Both are essential to keep your body and mind in alert condition. Eat and sleep at your regular timings.

2. Stress, anxiety badly weakens digestion power

 Good digestion is important to remain healthy and energetic. So the smart thing to do is to eat foods which are easily digestible. Include liberal amount of fruits, juices, and steamed vegetables in your diet. Stay away from junk foods. If possible, eat home-cooked meals.

3. Drink enough water

Drink at least 7-8 glasses of water, everyday.

4. Relax using any method you like

It could be meditation, deep breathing, exercises, light music, or even warm bath. You can also use the long as well as instant relaxation techniques explained in part-2 of Success MindwareTM course. It helps you to relax completely and deeply.

5. Maintain “I Can Do It” attitude

 Believe in yourself. Believe that you will clear your exam with top grades and achieve your every other goal. Keep your attitude positive. Such attitude also helps you to remain healthy.

You can face tough exams cheerfully and score amazing grades!

Just use the easy techniques given in Success MindwareTM




Preeti Narayan is an author, mind trainer and self-improvement expert who helps people discover their inner power and live more fulfilling life. 





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