Every child can be transformed into an extraordinary achiever and
a loveable person with right methods, patience and love.


We And Our Mission


B. K. Narayan (Narayan  K. Bukkasagara) has been conducting Mind Training Programs for students, parents, and business executives, since 1993.

He has been studying and conducting research in the field of Mind Training since 1968.

Like many world known authorities on the working of human brain, Narayan too FIRMLY believes that our brain power is almost UNLIMITED. And by learning to use little more of it, we can get whatever we want in life.

In 1995 Narayan designed “Simplified Mind Programming” a Home Study Course for complete Self-development for students. Revised and enlarged edition of this life changing course is now available under the name of “Success MindwareTM” for complete self-development of students.

Narayan also conducts “Motivation and Better Study Techniques” workshops for students.

His “Eleven Steps for Great Success in Examinations,” one of his workshop topics, has been greatly appreciated by teachers, parents, and students.

In 1959 I was declared as a "gone case." But an accidental use of a crude mind program brought in me miracle-like changes. Such changes can happen to ANYONE... read my life story OR the story of how Success Mindware was born 

His success story has inspired many students of low performance to transform themselves into highly motivated students. Click here to read his success story



Preeti Narayan is a vivid user of Mind Programs. She has used mind programs to transform herself from an average student to top achiever.

Preeti cleared her Masters in Science, in second merit at university level.

Then she became one of the very few candidates to have passed the CSIR-UGC  National Entrance Test (NET) in Life Sciences both for JRF and Lecturership. She also cleared GATE exam with top grade.

Her success with mind programming has inspired her to help others to use it. She now makes significant contribution in creating training programs and other life changing resources to students and young career persons.

Preeti has co-authored with B. K. Narayan “Success MindwareTM” a complete self-development course for students, and the student friendly ebook " 251 Ways to Study Success"

This book includes practical tips and ideas which helped Preeti achieve a brilliant academic success, with considerable ease.


Till 7th standard I was an ordinary student. Then I was introduced to Mind Programming and Brain-friendly learning methods. Then I never felt learning and Success can be HARD Work and ended up with four offers from prestigious institutions to work as junior scientist. But I preferred to bring those secrets to you.. 


Our Mission

To Transform children into confident achievers. We provide simple, scientific, step-by-step instructions to help students develop right attitude and skills to excel in studies, career and personal life.

We especially teach children essential Life skills & Success skills missing in formal education to bring holistic, all round growth and develop inner strength plus intelligence to live a more fulfilling life.






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