How Your Thoughts Influence
Your Study Success

By Preeti Narayan

Co-author, Success MindwareTM

My uncle was a school teacher. Once he had asked the students in his class to write a short essay on what they thought about studies.

Later, while checking their essays, he found that some students had written that though studying is important, it is also a very tough job, and usually boring. It requires lot of hard work.

Few students had written that studying is highly useful and interesting. And they loved studying.

Afterwards, he found that those students who had written that studying was tough and boring, had mostly scored less or average marks.

While those students, who had written that they loved studying, had scored good marks. The highest scorer in the class was also among them.

How you feel about your studies influences your actions and results---and hence your success.

Thatís why, thinking about studies as dull, boring, hard, etc. will only add up to your difficulties.

Whenever you open your textbook, your brain automatically associates all these negative emotions with your studies. Consequently, you soon start feeling bored. Your concentration begins to sway. And you have to put up more efforts to complete your task.

Under such mental condition, is it possible to enjoy your studies and learn more?

On the other hand, when you think about studies as important, useful and beneficial, your brain automatically diverts more energy to process and record what you study. And whenever you begin to study concentration comes easily. You learn and understand faster and betteróresult?

Better grades or marks.

Hence, itís a good idea to look at your studies positively. Itís even more smarter to fall in love with it. Love your studies the way you love your favourite music or sports. Give it the same attention and passion.

And frankly, it shouldnít be so difficult to develop this love.

After all, studies give you:

  • A qualifying degree

  • Eligibility for job

  • Means to earn money and fame

  • Independence

  • Ability to bring up your family in future

  • A respectable place in the society opportunity to make your life more meaningful and useful.

It's worth falling in love with studies, isn't it?


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Preeti Narayan is an author, mind trainer and self-improvement expert who helps people discover their inner power and live more fulfilling life. 

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