Parents: 5-Solid Reasons Why Your Child
Can Be An Achiever

By B. K. Narayan
Author, Success MindwareTM

Here' a good parenting news!

"Your child has entered this world equipped with a super-computer that can be programmed to achieve almost anything."

Yes, this is true. And it applies not just to your child, but to every one of us also.

We all have what it takes to function at optimum level--to be the best student, to be the best in our career, and to function efficiently in every area of our life.

Want proof?

See the wonderful things and systems around you: your PC, internet, satellite, spaceship, mobile phone, video conference, modern health-care systems, development in biotechnology, and other millions of wonderful things that make life easy and enjoyable.

ALL these were conceived and created by a human brain.

Most important thing to note here is that some of the owners of these creative brains were considered as dull or average when they were children!

The best example is that of Thomas A. Edison, who had been declared as dull and slow learner by his teachers. So any normal child can learn to produce such wonderful things, learn to achieve extraordinary success. 

Still don't believe it? Then here are five solid reasons why your child can be an achiever:

  1. Your child is a born winner.  Anyone who manages to arrive in this world is already a success.  A Miracle.

  2. Your child has a most powerful supercomputer, the brain, which can be programmed to achieve anything.

  3. Your child's brainpower is unlimited. This is not my opinion. It is what many scientists and other learned experts are saying about human brain. By making efficient use of brainpower, your child can learn anything, and achieve more success.

  4. Your child has already achieved many significant successes. No, I am not exaggerating. Count all the skills or work or hobbies which your child has learnt till now. Like for example, riding bike, playing football or tennis, painting pictures, giving speech, making crafts…and so on.

    Also, count the number of competitions and tests or exams your child has passed till today. This is not all. Add the number of skills which your child has picked up in school. Like, reading, writing, counting, etc… You will certainly get a long list of your child’s achievements. Yes, all these are your child’s achievements or successes.

    Agreed, these achievements may not be earth-shattering. But they do matter. Because they show that your child HAS the ability to learn. Has the power to achieve success.

  5. It takes only a specific Goal and practical Action Plans to achieve success. There is no other magic. And anyone, including your child, can do it.

If you look at the above five reasons why your child can be an achiever, you will realize that there is nothing impossible about it. With faith and right training, your child can do anything. Achieve any level of success. And today, you can do something to encourage your child in this direction.

Casually, discuss the above five reasons with your child. It does not matter whether your child agrees with it or not. Just discuss this positive information. Why?

Because whenever we talk or discuss about positive things and information with our children, we are automatically programming their brain positively.

We are automatically making them AWARE of good things, which will certainly create good influence on their thinking and behavior. Sooner or later.

So you see, even if your child does not use the above information immediately, your child’s brain will definitely be exposed to positive information.

And this is usually the first step to big achievements—getting into “I CAN ACHIEVE ANYTHING” state of mind…and staying there most of the time!


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About author:  B. K. Narayan is a successful parent, author, Education and Personal Success Consultant. He has been studying and researching in the field of self improvement and Mind Training since 1968. He has conducted many training programs for parents and students in schools since 1993.

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