How To Double Your Children’s Success Rate

By Preeti Narayan
Co-author, Success MindwareTM

It is a real pleasure to see our children succeed in life, isn't it?  Now, you can increase this pleasure. You can help your child develop into more successful and confident human being.

Here’s how you can do it. Follow these six smart ways:

1. Help your children develop high self-esteem

This is very important. Children who have low self-esteem, who have less confidence in themselves, find it difficult to achieve success.

You can use one easy but highly effective method to increase your children’s self-esteem—keep reminding them of their good qualities and success. And the best way to do this is to “start treating your children AS IF they are already genius.” You can do this naturally if you remember everything they have achieved so far.

Celebrate their numerous achievements with BIG smile on your face :)

This simple technique helps to strengthen their self confidence. It makes them believe they CAN achieve whatever they want.

2. Encourage your children to work toward useful goals

While talking with many children, and while conducting our workshops, we have observed that those children who do not have definite goals show less interest in studies. Hence they perform poorly and score low grades.

Encouraging your children early to set career goals is the best way to give direction to their thoughts and their life.

It is also an effective method to stimulate your children to make proper use of their time and energy. It is the best way to utilize their high creative energy. Not only this, but setting goals will also prevent their mind from getting entangled with idle or destructive thoughts and ‘friends!’

Hence encourage your children to set some goals—like study goals or career goals, and INFLUENCE them to do their best to achieve it. Allow them the freedom to set the goals which they LOVE to achieve.

While setting goals, make sure that you do not force YOUR interest on your children. However, you can guide them to make right decisions, if they seem confused or undecided.

When it is their “dream” children reach it with least effort. Once the goal is chosen, parents’ job is just to provide them tools that make journey of success enjoyable.

3. Allow your children to select their own dreams

Many children face problems because they end up choosing wrong subjects for their higher studies, or they end up choosing wrong career which does not suit them at all.

Your children can avoid many problems and failures if they choose things which match with their interests and strengths.

This means, your children should choose study-subjects and career based on their strengths, talents and interest. Never force your dream on your children. If your choice matches with what they love, excellent.

For example, if your son likes music then it will be best for him to choose career based on music. If your daughter is strong in math, it would be a right decision to choose higher education and career based on mathematics.

Such choices based on children’s strength, interest, and talent, help them to learn faster and make better progress.

Observe your children to find out in which work they are good at. What things interest them. In which subjects they score higher CONSISTENTLY.

Also ask your children what are their aims, dreams and interests. All this information will help your children to choose a particular educational qualification or job or business that suits them better. And they will be able to achieve success easily.

4. Teach your children methods of developing and using more mind power

This is absolutely essential in today’s hectic pace of life, tough competition and huge study material which children have to learn.

There are special mind control methods, like—self-programming, visualization, positive-self suggestion, etc.  These mind control methods help children to be relaxed and use their mind more efficiently. Hence it would be a good idea to learn these methods yourself, and then teach them to your children. You will find all these methods in Part-2 of Success Mindware: How To Program Yourself To Succeed At Anything.

5. Help your children to be optimistic about their future

Everyday children see failures, unemployment, job retrenchments, violence, and other depressing things around them—either through the media or in the life of people they know.

These negative things can de-motivate children. It can make them lose interest in studies, career and life. It can make them think they don’t have much chance for achieving success. Such thinking might even make them apprehensive about their future.

You can prevent this. Mainly by teaching your children to convert problems into solutions. To look for opportunities in difficulties.

Turn your children’s attention to those people who are achieving success. While there are people living in depressing conditions, there are also thousands of other people who are getting good jobs, amassing wealth, fulfilling their dreams and living happily.

With this kind of positive thinking, your children will not get discouraged. They will remain reassured about their future and make efforts to realize their dreams.

6. Keep UP your children's energy level

Bad health can adversely affect children’s learning ability and performance level.

Help your children to stay healthy and energetic. Encourage them to eat healthy and nutritious food, drink sufficient water, sleep properly and exercise regularly. See that they are CHEERFUL most of the time. This helps them to have their body and mind function at high energy level.

When their body and mind function at high energy level your children will be able to study more, work more, and enjoy their life better.

Why not be a role model to your children right from “NOW?” By applying these healthy ways in your own life—as children are influenced more by parents’ actions and less by lecture!

Make your children extraordinary achievers...irrespective of their present performance.

 Success MindwareTM
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Preeti Narayan is an author, mind trainer and self-improvement expert who helps people discover their inner power and live more fulfilling life. 

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