How To Have Sound Mind & Sound Body!

By B. K. Narayan
Author, Success MindwareTM


If you are an owner of a Gym or a regular visitor to modern Gym, you may want to fight with me! Not because I am saying these things are useless. They are useful. But because there is a smarter and cheaper way to be fit, powerful, slim, beautiful, healthy and energetic.

What is that? Mind power. Yes, if you want a sound body, just see that you have a sound mind! Period.

Having a sound mind is almost free. And it is so fast that you can feel it today! Using sound mind you can recharge every cell of your body, to have a real sound body. Because through your nervous system, your mind can reach every cell of your body to have a loving dialogue to get recharged, get powerful and make all necessary combinations and corrections to give you a body that you DESIRE to have: a body that functions without complaining, a body that others say “Hi, Mr or Miss Universe.” All such things are possible, with a sound mind.

This is what latest research on brain, turn-around cases in medical field, renowned doctors using mind power instead of surgery and medicines to cure patients, numerous workshops to develop mind power, thousands of books on developing and application of mind power are screaming to alert public!

Yes, the time has come to change the saying from, “Sound Mind in a Sound Body” to “Sound Mind to Sound Body.”

I have personal experience in this regard. Since last 30 years I am enjoying health and energy, constantly. No sickness, no fatigue. Feeling better than my younger friends.

But before that, I was a chronic sufferer. Indigestion, cold, fever were my monthly guests. I used to suffer a lot. Luckily I bought a book on mind power in 1968. I applied some ideas given in the book. I joined a correspondence course on health and hygiene.

Using new information I changed my self-image, thinking and eating habits. I started to improve. I bought more books. Used more ideas. Result? Day by day I started to get better and better…and still feeling better at 57!

With these changes I had also acquired some rare skills—using autosuggestion and visualization to make changes in my body and life. My relation with others improved. I was able to take full charge of my life.

The transformation one of my colleagues had is still more thrilling. He was suffering from asthma since 20 years, when he was transferred to our office. He used to sit beside me. Seeing his suffering due to asthma problems, I felt like doing something to help him.

One day I told him that asthma is not a disease. It is only an unnecessary reaction of his body to certain things and conditions. Using his mind power he can instruct his body to stop reacting violently and make things worse!

At first, he was not ready to believe what I told him. But when he came to know that I am a mind power expert and a turn-around case myself, and since he had tried all other remedies before, he agreed to try my remedy.

My remedy was easy to apply. Of course, everything regarding mind power is so easy to apply. I asked him to do a visualization exercise before going to sleep. And after getting up in the morning he was to go for ONLY “100 meters” walk. He was shocked to hear me suggesting a walk for him.

He said, “How can I go out in the morning when I can’t breath comfortably even inside the house?” I said, don’t worry. You will be able to go once you do the visualization exercise, not before that. Also there was no compulsion to complete the 100-meter walk. He could return back whenever he felt discomfort. He agreed to TRY!

When he came to the office next morning, he was smiling! I knew, he was successful. He reported his success with great enthusiasm. I asked him to repeat the process for a week by increasing walking distance in both visualization and in real life by 100 meters daily. He did.

By the end of that month he was comfortably doing 1.5 km morning walk! He met his doctor to reduce medicines. He started to enjoy life.

Things like this or better can happen to ANY one. There are NUMEROUS success stories caused by mind power magic.

Are you using your mind power:

  • To make your body sound?

  • To make success easy?

  • To increase sales?

  • To attract whatever you want?

If yes, congratulations! If not, why not start today?

Can everyone develop one’s mind power?


In fact everyone was an expert in using one’s mind power, before going to school. That is, all normal children naturally use their mind power in top gear. That is why they learn complex skills like walking, talking and playing so fast, while enjoying every moment of life.

But once they go to school they lose their freedom to use whole brain, and they end up using only half of their brain. The left side. Right side of their brain takes back seat in classroom. And remains there, life-long, in majority of cases.

We can’t change the situations in school. But no one is stopping us from using our whole brain again, or full mind power. We can always restart using our whole brain to make unlimited changes in our body and life. You just have to learn.

Learn what?

You can start with these:

  1. Autosuggestion,

  2. Visualization and

  3. STRONG desire to change some or all areas of your life!

Do you have a strong desire to develop your mind power? If yes, You will find 10 Day Mind Programming Training with simple exercises in Success MindwareTM



Become expert in programming yourself to achieve anything you want.


About author:  B. K. Narayan is a successful parent, author, Education and Personal Success Consultant. He has been studying and researching in the field of self improvement and Mind Training since 1968. He has conducted many training programs for parents and students in schools since 1993.

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