How I Changed Myself From 
Failure to Top Class Student

(Or How Success MindwareTM Came into Existence!)

It all began with my miserable failure!

It was March 1959. Result of my annual exam
of 8th standard was out.

I had scored only 10 percent in mathematics,
24 percent in History, Civics and Geography and just pass marks in other subjects.

I had failed miserably.

B.K Narayan
Creator of Success MindwareTM 
251 Study Secrets

I did not come from a well-to-do family and I was the eldest son in the family of nine. My parents requested my uncle to help me, as he was quite an important person in our village.

And soon, I was declared ‘pass’ due to my uncle’s ‘influence!’ So my way to high school was cleared.

I was to go to high school along with my uncle’s two sons. A day before leaving to high school my uncle gave final instructions to each one of us.

When it was my turn to receive instructions, my uncle looked at me and said sarcastically: "Narayan, you will never be able to clear high school. But you are still a little boy. Go and have a look at high school and come back to village. You are going to end up working on farms."

My face flushed at his mocking words. I felt both ashamed and angry. Sure, he did have a reason to speak to me like that. I had done badly in my last exam.

But what stung me most was the fact that my uncle spoke as if I was a ‘gone case.’ I refused to believe I was that stupid. And I certainly did not want to end up working on farms!

My uncle’s words kept ringing fresh and clear in my little ears, as I left for high school along with his two sons. I did not want his words to become true.

On one fateful day, I wrote a number inside my book box--‘432.’

This was the score which my uncle’s eldest son had scored in his Matriculation exam, the final year of the high school. He was regarded as the most brilliant boy in our village. So I decided to score 432 marks and show that my uncle was wrong.

I kept telling myself for three long years the score I wanted in the matriculation exam.

This target started working in my brain. Every year my performance improved.

Then one day, the result of matriculation exam was declared. One of my cousins came running to me and said, "Narayan, you have secured First Class with, 484 marks--with distinction in Maths and Science! '484' instead of my target of '432!' I had clearly exceeded my target. Even I couldn’t believe it.

That day, that moment was a big turning point in my life. That experience made me think, ‘oh, now I can do anything!’

A single technique embedded in my brain changed me from Failure to First Class Student.

I used this technique again and again and made it my new habit. Later, I cleared my Engineering exams in First Class, using the same technique. And got a good engineering job.

The ‘gone case’ had performed a miracle!!

What was the simple technique I had used? Write your target on some paper or card or in your notebook and see it everyday, till you make it. And see yourself as "you've already achieved it!"

What you can learn from my life story?

  • NEVER under-estimate yourself, even if you're a poor performer right now! Just learn to use little more of your brainpower in the right way.

  • Celebrate Your Failure! Failure Can Make You Ten Times More Powerful!!

The score, 484, I got in March 1962 is still unbeatable in my village. Because village students are not motivated and guided properly to excel in studies.

When I look back, I find my failure was the best thing that happened in my life. As my failure brought me to the powerful world of mind programming.

I Became More Interested in Mind Programming…

I understood HOW such big change occurred in me only in 1968---when I started to study about application of mind power.

When I discovered how mind programming methods work I started applying these methods in every area of my life. Result? I Became a New Person.

From shy, sick and ordinary person to-- out-going, healthy, positive and highly creative person!

YOU Too Can do wonders with your life. You will find all the necessary information in Success MindwareTM

As my success with application of mind training methods increased, my study of these methods went deeper and deeper. I studied almost all methods of mind programming and self-improvement.

For almost 25 to 30 years, I studied information in related fields. Latest findings on brain, its working secrets, Yoga, Metaphysics, Hypnosis, Cybernetics, Quantum Physics, and Psychology.

I applied these findings and ideas to solve a big variety of problems--in my own life and that of others. Now I know what works and what doesn’t.

Mind Programming Methods Helped My Own Children Become Top Class Students

I taught some of the mind programming methods to my daughter Preeti. She used those methods consistently and achieved great success in studies, comfortably.

She became the topper of her college in B.Sc. She stood 2nd in University in her M.Sc. And she cleared NET in ‘Life Sciences’ which is a tough one to pass, according to her lecturers.

Using mind programming way of correcting one's handwriting, my son Ravikiran transformed his ugly and difficult-to-read handwriting into beautiful one! And thus he increased his chance of getting high score!

(This technique is explained in our new report “One Week To Good Handwriting.” You're going to get this report FREE with Success MindwareTM course)

Mind Programming Ideas Transformed My son Ravikiran From an Ordinary Student to Brilliant Engineer!

Up to 10th standard, my son Ravikiran's performance in studies was ordinary (he had scored just 63%). As he was not so enthusiastic in using mind programming techniques like my daughter!

I made him realize that he could have performed better if he too had used the mind programming techniques like Preeti.

This encouraged him to use some of the techniques (which I later included in part-5 of Success MindwareTM.)

Can you guess what even minimum use of mind programming techniques could do to students?

Ravikiran ceased to remain an ordinary student! He has now graduated in "Electronics and Telecommunication" and is specializing in chip-designing!

Also Ravikiran has become my new teacher and technical consultant to run this web site. The strange thing is, he self-trained himself in these hi-tech things--website designing, doing freelance programming work on internet, etc.

Such magnificent changes can happen to your children too!

Simplified Mind Programming (SMP) Came into existence

When I heard about the struggling students, the ones declared as ‘failed’ or ‘gone cases’ in Nagpur, I recalled the pain and anguish of my own high-school days.

Backed by my long study and application of mind programming, I thought―"this declaration of students as 'gone-cases' is rubbish. No normal child need ever fail in exam or in life. I must show how these gone cases can be revived, like me."

After all, if I can improve my score from 10% to distinction, other students can also do it.

So I decided to create a short training program for those struggling students at Nagpur.

First I listed all the causes or obstacles that make students fail in exams. (I have listed 42 of them!) Then myself and my associates discussed these problems with school authorities, parents and students.

During these discussions, I got many insights. Result?...

Birth of "11 Steps to Great Success In Examinations"

I devised a set of 11 steps, which are powerful enough to prevent failure or low performance in exams and tests. Using these 11 steps students can pass exams with comfortable effort, even when they go for higher studies.

When we taught these 11 steps in some of the schools, it was greatly appreciated by students, teachers and parents.

We taught 11 steps in 18 hours, spread over a period of two weeks.

This short training itself was effective in changing those ‘gone-cases’ into motivated students.

But it was not enough…

We All Live By Habits

Our efforts during those 18 hours rekindled the minds of students.

However, for lack of constant application and motivation, most of those students gradually returned back to their old habits.

They continued to use inefficient methods of studying. Only few students were actually benefited.

But in one case, we got Overwhelming Result --100 percent pass!

A lecturer of Junior College told us she got 100 percent pass result in her class, for the first time in her career, by teaching our methods to her students!

She made sure that her students USED our methods regularly.

This incident greatly motivated us to continue with our training program.

Initially we used to concentrate only on teaching about brain power and study skills. But after watching children who pass out of college, I was struck by a fact that:

Even after spending 15 to 20 years and a lot of money on education, most children struggle to get good jobs, earn wealth, recognition, and respect.

Because in today's fast changing world,  just a good score or qualifying degree is not enough. Children need more skills and information.

Seeing this need of children, I decided to create a self-training course, which would help children develop all essential skills missing in formal education.

As a result, on the basis of long years of research in the various forms of mind training and personal development, plus my own experience and success of my children, I started to create Simplified Mind Programming (SMP) course.

After working constantly for three years, from 1995-1997, the first edition of SMP in 8-parts, came out in November 1997.

Now You Get Revised, Enlarged, Power-filled, Fine-tuned and Renamed, "Success MindwareTM!"

Positive feed back from parents and students motivated us to add more power and features to SMP.

My daughter Preeti became my co-author. She chose to work on this training program, instead of working as scientist in prestigious, CSIR Laboratory.

As a result, we soon launched Success MindwareTM--a revised, enlarged and Power-filled self-training program to help students achieve Complete Success in life.

Success MindwareTM now comes in 10 parts--for complete self-development of students. And has more than 700 pages of Life Changing Information.

You can see how each part of Success MindwareTM can transform a student by looking at topics included in it. Click here to discover more about Success MindwareTM in detail.




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