From Painful To Happy And Successful Parenting!

By B. K. Narayan
Author, Success MindwareTM

On a scale of 1-10 rate yourself how much you love parenting.

‘1’ means you would press a time-back button to shift to child-less days!

'10' means you would love to have few more children to enjoy the magic only children can bring into this world.

Done? Okay!

If you are at 1 and don’t find that button to go back in time, relax.  You can still become a loving parent, closer to 10, and transform your children to perform like genius and behave like angles.

Here are some PROVEN ways to start with:

1. Know that your children are your ADVANCED copies
both mentally and physically!

Their bodies are the combination of egg cell from mother and sperm cell from father. Their mind is the data-base of millions and millions of multimedia-behaviour-patterns copied mainly from parents in their early childhood—birth to 2 years age.

WHY your children are advanced copy?

Because most NORMAL children end up better or worse than their parents—advanced constructively or destructively. Look around, for proof, if you are doubtful.

One reason is, children get exposed to higher or advanced conditions in comparison to childhood of their parents.

So DON’T blame your children, if things are not as you wish. And don’t blame yourself, as you were not trained by the society to be a better parent. Also don’t worry, you can change your children as you wish.

Start with action steps suggested here. These steps influence you too to become a better and more happy person and a loving parent.

Download a copy of chapter-1, of part-1 of Success Mindware—for complete development of children and use it EXACTLY as per the instructions. This chapter is free, so you don’t have excuse to put off this to another day!

Do this today, it has the power to trigger the genius in your children and bring them close to you.

2. Know HOW human brain works.

This gives you power to bring QUICK changes in your children. Because it’s where problems are created! And it is also where corrections can be made!

Yes, our brain is just like our computer—gives top results with top software and gives poor results with poor software.

Fortunately we can upload new version of software to get the exact results you love to see in your children.

Don’t doubt this for a minute. If I can do it and if other parents can do it, you too can do it. BE 100 PERCENT SURE.

As a start, take following action step that lets you into a greatest working secret of human brain.

ACTION STEP#2: Read the article, “How to get what you want by using your brain in GDSM mode!”

Read this article carefully till you really understand how this property of brain makes or breaks one’s life. Then you will have power to control your and your children’s future and destiny.

3. Use positive parenting strategies.

Know that your children today are the result of influence of three major sources: Parents, teachers, and others. This “others” includes relatives, friends, authorities, TV etc.

Positive influence makes children happy and successful persons. Negative influence turns children into problematic persons.


Because these sources help children to build, bit by bit, a software in their brain that runs their life. If your children have acquired a comparatively destructive software, it can be corrected by reprogramming methods.

So no need to worry, just learn to program your children to succeed and live a happy life.

Following action step helps you to stop negative programming and to counter-act negative programming that has already happened, to some extent.

ACTION STEP#3: Download free ebook, "Positive Parenting: How To Make Your Children Winners" and apply various strategies and ideas presented in this ebook to make parenting easy and a lovable experience.

Take above action steps today. Use various documents as suggested consistently. Shortly you will see positive changes in your children.

Then you will rate yourself higher up on the 1-10 scale and be a smiling parent most of the time!


Want to improve ALL areas of your children's life so that they can enjoy a balanced and happy life?

Get the First Total Self-Improvement System for your children: Success MindwareTM 

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About author:  B. K. Narayan is a successful parent, author, Education and Personal Success Consultant. He has been studying and researching in the field of self improvement and Mind Training since 1968. He has conducted many training programs for parents and students in schools since 1993.

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