Seven Steps To Total Concentration

By B. K. Narayan
author, Success MindwareTM

Observe a child playing. You'll see a model of 100 percent concentration. 

Observe lovers talking to each other. You'll see 100 percent concentration! 

Observe a person reading an interesting story book. 
Again you'll see 100 percent concentration!

What is common among these three cases?


They are in love with the task at hand!

So the EASIEST way to achieve total concentration is to love what you do.

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But how to love everything we do? As all tasks are not as loveable as a play, lover or a story.

Don't worry. Apply the following steps. You can control your wandering mind and can focus it on whatever task you need to complete.

STEP #1: Prepare yourself to concentrate 100 percent.

 Following tips help...

  • Keep your body in a comfortable position to allow proper blood circulation and breathing. ·

  • Drink water, see that you're not hungry, and take few deep breaths and relax yourself.

  • Make sure that others do not disturb you till the work is finished

  • Declare to yourself that you are going to pay full attention to the work at hand.

STEP #2: Develop deep interest towards the task on your hand

How? Follow these tips:

1. List or know all the little and big advantages or benefits you get when you successfully complete the task—learning a lesson, or completing home work.

2. Know the consequences of not completing the task at hand. That is, the pain or loss you're going to suffer. For example, not achieving your career dream.

3. Use affirmation with feeling, "I love to read/learn/listen to......(name of the task) with full concentration. This information/task is so useful for me."

STEP #3: Engage other relatives of concentration, as it can't work for you alone!

Here are some important relatives of concentration;

1. Clear purpose—know exactly why do you want the task done.

2. Strong Desire—to Fulfill the purpose

3. Commitment—to complete the tasks related to achieving the purpose.

4. Belief—that you can do whatever you've to do and reach your goal.

5. Expectation—Expect that you can concentrate 100 percent and master the topic/work. 

STEP #4: Stop negative programming and do positive programming.

Don't ever think, say or imagine that you can't concentrate 100 percent. Instead, before starting the task imagine you're doing it with full concentration. This takes only few seconds.

STEP #5: Use this strange property of your brain to concentrate 100 percent!

Salespersons, advertisers, good teachers use this property to attract and hold your attention. So what is this strange property? They ask series of probing questions. 

Your brain goes to search mode whenever it hears a question and it is hooked to the topic! They fire another question by the time your brain finishes the search and is ready to jump to some unrelated thought.

You may have proof for this with you! For example, you're talking with some friends. Questions and answers are flying from one brain to another. A friend asks a question to another. But your brain jumps to answer even though you've not been asked that question! 

Take another example, reading a story. Why we read stories with such total concentration? Because a good story raises many direct or indirect questions in your brain. And your brain wants to find answers to all those questions. Till your brain finds answers to all those questions, it even postpones reminding you to take food! 

Remember, you've many times told your mother, "I'll eat later, I'm not hungry!" Why? Because you can't put down that book till you find what happened to that hero or heroine! 

You can use this property of your brain to concentrate while studying or hearing lectures. How? Just keep asking questions, mentally, like, ‘what' ‘why' ‘where' ‘how' on the statements or facts or characters expressed by the teacher or lecturer or the author. When you engage your brain with these questions you keep your brain engaged on the topic. It doesn't get time to jump to another topic.

Incidentally this is the easiest, fastest and most effective way for students to concentrate 100 percent in classroom or while self-study. By using this method students learn more on the topic being taught or read.

STEP #6: Work when you work, and play when you play! 

It is the age old advice. Valid for ever. When you follow a time schedule for all your activities it becomes easy to concentrate. When you watch TV don't think of studies. It is bad habit! Just enjoy the program. When you eat concentrate fully on food, its taste, aroma, its value for your body and so on. This discipline helps you to concentrate fully whenever you want.

STEP #7: Mix these three ingredients to make total concentration effortless:

Here are those three ingredients:
 1. Knowing what you really want in life
 2. Having strong intention to get the thing you want
 3. Repeatedly paying attention to all the tasks that takes you near to your goal.

Now relate the task at hand to your goal. You'll be able to concentrate fully with minimum wandering of your thoughts. If the task can not be related to your goal, think whether it can be avoided. If it can't be avoided treat it as a social service and decide to do it with all the love you can generate. 

Above steps help you to some extent to concentrate fully. You can improve your ability to concentrate 100 percent, naturally and make it your habit by learning more about your brain and how to use it smartly. 

Start increasing your concentration level today with above steps.  If you want more powerful information to raise your Concentration Power, Memory Power and Learning Skills, you will get many practical, easy methods in Success Mindware


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B. K. Narayan is a successful parent, author, Education and Personal Success Consultant. He has been studying and researching in the field of self improvement and Mind Training since 1968. He has conducted many training programs for parents and students in schools since 1993.


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