How to Help Your Children Deal With Failure

By Preeti Narayan
Co-author, Success MindwareTM

We all do our best to teach our children how to win. But teaching children how to handle failure and setback is equally important.

Whether it's failing in test, or losing in dance competition or sports, failure can be painful for children. During such situations, what can you do to help your son or daughter?

Here are 5 simple actions that you can take to help your children face failure or setback better:

1. Be supportive and comfort your children. When they seem to be in better mood, sit and talk with them about it. Let them express their feelings without criticizing their thoughts or opinions. This will offer emotional comfort to your children.

2. Praise your children’s effort. Do your best to explain to your son or daughter that trying is more important than winning. This kind of supportive attitude will help to calm your children’s troubled mind.

3. Tell your son or daughter that there is always next time. Encourage your children to try and achieve their goal again.

4. Label failure as a ‘Learning process’ and tell your children that it will only help them grow wiser. Encourage your children to analyze what went wrong and how they can do better next time. This kind of attitude makes children mentally stronger.

5. Show your faith in your children. Tell your children that you know they are smart and talented, that they can easily do better next time. Parent’s faith in children goes a long way in helping them perform better in life.

With love, support and timely actions, you can help your children beat failure and become confident winners.



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Preeti Narayan is an author, mind trainer and self-improvement expert who helps people discover their inner power and live more fulfilling life. 

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