Get Personalized Academic Counseling For One Year 


Does your child need better Study Plan to prepare for coming Unit test or Semester Exam or Board Exam?

Do you want your son or daughter to score higher grades?

Then take advantage of our Personalized Academic counseling for children.

What do you and your child get from Personalized Academic counseling?

1.  We will design and provide study plan and schedule to suit the need of your child. The study plan will be customized according to the age and requirement of your son or daughter.

2.  We will also provide additional 10 tools and techniques to help your child improve in important study skills like preparing smarter notes to learn easily, using better study techniques to remember more, revising correctly to increase memory, etc. 

3. Plus, as a follow up, we will provide additional counseling and guidance every month via email. Whenever you or your child feel the need for advice or solutions to any problem, you can ask us questions via email and we will do our best to guide your child towards success. Each month, you can send us upto 3 emails. (1-3 emails per month for one year duration from the date of purchase)

There are many study-related issues regarding which you or your child can ask us questions and receive our guidance during the one year period. Such as: 

 How can i improve reading speed?

How can i improve concentration power?

How can i improve my English?

How can i improve in Maths?

How can i plan my study-schedule properly?

How can i remove exam fear?

How can i beat stress?

How can i make difficult subjects easy?

How can i prepare for competitive exams?

How can i increase memory power?....etc.

Please Note:

  •  All communications will be through email only. We answer our emails personally and usually within 24 hours (Some times 2-3 days if any complication arises)

  • We do not provide psychological or medical counseling. We only provide counseling related to learning and other academic issues such as improving self- image, confidence, mindpower, meditation, memory, concentration, smarter study methods, better exam preparation, choosing career, time management, handling stress, making difficult subjects easier, etc. 

  • We do not send out any montly emails. We only answer and provide counseling for the issues emailed to us by parents or students, limited to 3 emails per month. 

  • Why this limitation of 3 emails? So that we can give individual attention to each child who comes to us. If we keep option for unlimited emails then we will have to automate the process, defeating the purpose of this personalized plan.

  • All Study Plan, Schedule, Tools and Techniques will be sent in the form of pdf files. 

This Personalized Academic Counseling is suitable for which age group?

High school and college going children (aged 14 and above) can communicate with us directly via email. Those who are below 14 will need parental guidance. In other words, you will have to communicate with us on your child's behalf and guide your child to follow the methods or instructions accordingly.

Click Here to Purchase 1 year Personalized Academic Counseling

Rupees 1,067/-  (per child)

Yes, it is less than the cost of one good dress. :)

Give your child the best oppertunity!

Every child is unique. Methods which work for one child, may not work for others. This is where having personalized counseling can offer better solutions. Your child will have oppertunities to improve significantly. 

So order our unique, Personalized Academic Counseling for your son or daughter today. You get:

  • Customized Study Plan and  Schedule which can be followed on day-to-day basis.

  • 10 Tools and Techniques to improve Study skills

  • Plus, monthly counseling via email whenever you or your child feel the need for advice, guidance, suggestions or better solutions.

If you want to purchase Personalized Academic Counseling through Paypal or International Credit or Debit Card, please use the link below:

  Click Here to Purchase
 1 year Personalized Academic Counseling

If you have any questions, email us at




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