Are You Protecting Your Children From These Education Horrors?

By B.K. Narayan
Author, Success Mindware

How many times have you come across these headlines in newspapers and magazines?

"Nowadays students are subjected to more stress than ever before..."
"Present education system doesn't make students CREATIVE..."
"Many students fail in exams…"
"Another student commits suicide…"

Above news items are sad but true reflection of our present education system. Faulty education system, missing life skills from school and college syllabus, are creating havoc in our children's life.


Many children suffer from depression, stress and perform poorly in studies. Sometimes this negative effect even spills over into other areas of life, leading to weak health, poor relationships and employment problems.

Does your son or daughter face any of the problems highlighted in the above news headlines?

Can you do something to protect your children from getting caught in these tough problems?

Yes, as a parent, you can do a lot.

Let's discuss each of the problem above and the exact solution to it:

PROBLEM #1: "Nowadays students are subjected to more stress than ever before..."

We have found that students usually feel stressed due to these 3 main reasons:
• when they have to master huge, boring study material
• when there are assignment submission deadlines and examinations
• when the environment around them is discouraging and stressful.

Yes, most of the times, study materials are boring and theoretical. But do you have any other better alternative? Also nothing is being done by the education authorities to solve this problem early.

So as an immediate solution, children need to be taught the techniques to make the process of learning their study material comfortable and enjoyable.

Using latest working secrets of human brain, brain-friendly learning techniques and effective motivation techniques students can be relieved from the great stress they are experiencing. And learning can be made enjoyable.

These techniques are explained in detail in Part 5 of Success MindwareTM.

Also, children should be taught right mental attitude, relaxation, mind power exercises to become mentally tough and cool. This will give them the power to overcome any stress.

In Part 2 of Success MindwareTM, you will find a specially designed 10 Days Self-Programming exercises to help your children increase their mind power and get greater control over their thoughts and emotions.

PROBLEM #2: "Present education system doesn’t make students CREATIVE..."

SOLUTION: This is very true. Our education system puts more emphasis on rote learning rather than creative, practical thinking. As a result, many children fail to develop sharp creative thinking power which is required to succeed in career as well as personal life.

This problem too can be solved. How?

By retraining and by teaching students the powerful way of using creative questions. The creative questions are the secrets to fire creative thinking, bring out problem solving ideas and life-enriching solutions.

In Part-7 of Success MindwareTM, you will find step-by-step, powerful Creative Questions which helps your children acquire this great power.

PROBLEM #3: "Many students fail in exams…"

SOLUTION: What an unnecessary tragedy, when every school can achieve 100% pass result. Most students fail in exams because they are not motivated enough to study well and are not taught brain-friendly study techniques.

Motivate your children, make them positive towards studies, help them learn better study techniques, then your children will never fail in any exam.

In just eight hours, using Success MindwareTM as explained in Action Plan, (you can download this action plan FREE and have a look when you sign up for Free Training!) even a failed student can learn the techniques that help to succeed in every exam in future!

PROBLEM #4: "Another student commits suicide…"

SOLUTION: This tragedy is TOTALLY unnecessary. (It can happen to anyone if problems are allowed to persist.)

And this happens only due to ignorance of one's powers. You'll find a PERMANENT and Powerful solution for this problem at this site. And it is FREE.

We have made it purposefully free. So that no student or any human being should choose this unimaginably painful way of solving one's problems. Just download 1st chapter of SUCCESS MINDWARE course and use it as per the instructions.

This chapter is designed to change your children's (even that of adults) thoughts and attitudes. To make them aware of the immense power they have-- to change their life and achieve their dreams.

You can download this FREE here. It is available as the first lesson of the training.



Give your children all the information, skills and tools they need to achieve success in today's competitive world.

Check out the all-in-one Success MindwareTM  program that helps your children improve in all important areas of life.


About author:  B. K. Narayan is a successful parent, author, Education and Personal Success Consultant. He has been studying and researching in the field of self improvement and Mind Training since 1968. He has conducted many training programs for parents and students in schools since 1993.

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