Career Planning for Your Children

By Preeti Narayan
Co-author, Success MindwareTM


"How should I get established in my career?"

"What should I do?"

You can help your children find answers to above important career questions. How? Help your son or daughter in following the 3 simple Career Planning steps given below. These steps are based on career planning techniques which we teach in Success Mindware
TM, a complete self-development course for students.

Career Planning Step 1: What I want to do?

In this step, ask your children to think and decide what job or business they would like to do. This is the most important step! Their choice should be based on their natural interest and talent.

Career Planning Step 2: How am I going to get that?

Once your children decide what job they want to do, then next step is to find out how to get it.

In this step, you and your children have to find answers to these 3 basic career related questions:

What courses or training they have to do in order to get the job they want?

What working style or skills they have to learn to excel in their work?

What kind of part-time job or internship they have to do?

Once your children find out answers to above questions, they will have a powerful career plan sitting right in front of their eyes. You can easily help your son or daughter find answers to such questions by searching on internet or library.

Career Planning Step 3: Who can help me in what I want to do?

This step is all about forming important "connections." Do you know any one who can help your children get more detailed information or even a job of their dream? 

You would be surprised at how many connections we can come up with if we ask people around us such as:

Your Friends and their friends 
Your children's teachers
Also, you can ask your children to write names of people who can give more detailed information about their career, who can tell them which college or course is good, or whom they should contact to get a job. Even your children's friends may have more better connections!

Once you help your children get such information, they will be able to work on their career goal very easily.

Now here's a smart tip: the best person who can help your children in this task is a person who is already working in that career.

For example, if your daughter wants to become Interior Designer then she should meet and ask for guidance from a person who is already working as an interior designer.


For more help in your children's education and career, check out this popular program called Success Mindware
TM  a unique all-in-one self development program for children



Preeti Narayan is an author, mind trainer and self-improvement expert who helps people discover their inner power and live more fulfilling life. 

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