Are You Giving The Best Kind Of Education To Your Children?

By B.K. Narayan
Author, Success Mindware

Many parents spend huge amount of money on children's education and send them to best schools/colleges. Yet their children struggle in one area or other in life. Why?

Most children struggle to earn wealth, recognition, respect and enjoy good life, in spite of lot of hard work. Why?

Because our current education system is not balanced. It's not holistic. It ignores many important life skills and practical knowledge which children need to grow into confident individuals and live happy, fulfilling life.

The most important skills missing in school and college syllabus are:

Brain-friendly learning methods to learn easily and remember more

Techniques to choose most suitable career and achieve success easily

How to use brainpower efficiently to handle any difficult situation

Ability to think up creative ideas and solutions to problems

Skills to attract and maintain good relation with people and family

Mind training techniques to control thoughts and emotions, to achieve desired goal, get rid of bad habits, etc.

Knowledge to stay healthy and live longer life

Unfortunately, formal education system does not provide all the above essential information required by our children.


We see many children suffering from problems such as poor academic performance, memory problem, stress, depression, low confidence, behavioral problem.

When these problems persist for longer time, they adversely affect children at all levels- physical health, mental and emotional well being, financial and even at social level.

The solution lies in teaching above skills and providing balanced education to children so that there is all round growth.

What is balanced or holistic education?

As you might be aware, our life has many areas, of which these six areas are very important: studies, career, personal or family, social, health, spiritual or moral.

We and our children can enjoy successful and happy life, only if we take care to develop and improve all the above six areas of life.

An education system should be designed to help children develop and grow in above 6 areas.

However in the current scenario, our education system isn't showing any signs of changing and improving significantly in this direction. Though there is now a growing awareness among people about importance of holistic, well balanced education.

So until our education system changes, the pressure and responsibility of providing balanced education falls flat on you, the parent.

You need to gather information and the required tools to teach your children the missing skills. This will make it easier for your children to succeed in this tough, competitive times.

Also, by doing so, you will be providing a best kind of education to your children.


Give your children all the information, skills and tools they need to achieve success in today's competitive world.

Check out the all-in-one Success MindwareTM program that helps your children improve in all important areas of life.


About author:  B. K. Narayan is a successful parent, author, Education and Personal Success Consultant. He has been studying and researching in the field of self improvement and Mind Training since 1968. He has conducted many training programs for parents and students in schools since 1993.

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