Table Of Contents of


Guide For Parents And Teachers To Make Ordinary Children Extraordinary Persons

  1. Today your children need your EXTRA support and love URGENTLY! Consider it as an EMERGENCY.
  2. Know Your Children Better

  3. Influencing Your Children To Use Self Programming Methods

  4. Two Most Important Modes Of Operating Human Brain

  5. Dreams

  6. Be A Friend

  7. Three Most Important Tips For Parents

  8. How To Solve 11 NOTORIOUS PROBLEMS That Lead Children to Low Performance Or Failure

  9. Points to remember while solving your child’s problems

  10. How Parents Make Their Children Ordinary or Extra-ordinary

  11. You Can Help Your Children To Be
    Healthy, Wealthy, Wise, Powerful, And Happy

  12. Always Remember This...

  13. Factors that influence a child’s personality and behaviour

  14. NOTES