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How To Become Creative To Stay Ahead In Career And Life


What you’ll learn in this part...

Chapter 1 : Why you should be creative and what is creativity?

  • What is creativity?

  • Advantages of being creative

Chapter 2 : 7 Factors Which Affect Creativity

  1. A strong desire

  2. Firm belief

  3. Thorough knowledge

  4. An open mind

  5. Willingness to try new ideas

  6. Seeing things from other's viewpoint

  7. Aim your thoughts in one direction

Chapter 3 : Mental Blocks that Prevent Creative Thinking

Chapter 4 : How to Turn On your Creativity

  • Exercise # 1: Think and Produce Ideas

Chapter 5 : Questions That Help You Produce Creative Ideas

  • 12 Principles of Creative Power

  • List of Questions to produce great solutions!

  • Instructions to use the questions effectively

  • Presenting Your Ideas to People

  • Action Plan

Chapter 6 : Three Ways to Keep Your Creative Powers Strong

Chapter 7 : Nine Steps to Solve Problems

Chapter 8 : How to Sell Your Ideas And Make Money

Chapter 9 : 11 Ways to Find More Time

Chapter 10 : Public Speaking—Make People Hold onto Your Every Word

  • Basic Structure of a speech

  • Planning your presentation or speech

  • Checklist to evaluate your speech

  • Action Plan

Chapter 11 : How to Cast Spell With Your Writing

  • 9 guidelines to turn you into a dynamic writer

  • The Process of Writing

  • Writing Letters

  • Writing for Special Purposes

  • Action Plan

Chapter 12 : How to Give Interviews Without Tears

  • Seven things that are important to win in interviews

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