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How To Learn Anything Fast By Using Brain-Friendly Study Methods


In this part you will learn...

Chapter 1 : Where you are standing!

  • Exercise # 1: Test Your Study Efficiency and Success Mind-set

Chapter 2 : Learn New Methods and Be Smarter

Chapter 3 : Brain-Friendly Study Techniques

  • Eleven Steps To Great Success In Examinations

Chapter 4 : 1st step—Set Your Life Goal

  • Effect of strong desire on achieving ones goal

  • Exercise # 2: Fill up your Goal Card

Chapter 5 : 2nd Step—Aim For Highest Possible Score

  • Can you really score highest marks?

  • Other factors that help you get 100% marks

  • Get into the habit of Aiming High

Chapter 6 : 3rd Step—Know the Benefits of Passing Examination

Exercise # 3 : Write down benefits of passing examination

Chapter 7 : 4th Step—Know The Benefits of Learning Each Subject

  • Example for Exercise # 4

  • Exercise # 4: List benefits of learning the subjects of your course

Chapter 8 : 5th Step—Program Yourself for Success

  • Exercise # 5 : Visualize yourself achieving success

  • Exercise # 6: Affirmation for more success

Chapter 9 :6th Step—Use Better Studying Techniques

  • Process of learning

Chapter 10 : ...6th Step—How to Learn More in Class Room Learn more
in the class room and avoid SIRI!

  • Love your institute, teachers, and subjects

  • Fuel for Your Brain

  • Try to sit closer to the teacher

  • Avoid company of disinterested students

  • Understand better, learn faster — with more word power

  • Review Previous Assignment before attending class

  • What to do when your teacher starts the new lesson

  • Be eager to learn more from every teaching session

  • Listen well, learn more

  • Exercise # 7: Create a “switch” to concentrate your mind fully

  • Learn to Concentrate 100%, Fast

  • Examples on how to use the HW5 questions

  • Take notes

  • Figure: a layout of notes on a single page

  • Get your doubts cleared in the class room itself

  • Make your first revision in the class room for quick learning

  • Revise on the same day and make your memory strong

  • You will learn better if you are healthy and energetic

Chapter 11 : ...6th Step —Your place of study

  • Find your “best time” to study

  • Exercise # 8: Program yourself to study at anytime

Chapter 12 : ...6th Step — Prepare Your Study Time-Table

  • An Example of Daily Schedule of 10th Standard Student

  • Weekly Study Time-table

  • Daily To-Do List

  • Monthly Time-Table

  • Killing the Time-Killers

  • Exercise # 9: Find out your time killers

  • Exercise # 10: Use Affirmation to spend your time wisely

Chapter 13 : ...6th Step — Integrated Study Method for Quick Learning

  • Why “Integrated Study Method” is highly effective method for learning

  • Why Integrated Study Method helps to remember better?

  • How to use Integrated Study Method for better learning

  • Reading Span for Best Results

  • ACTIVITY : Practicing ISM

Chapter 14 : ...6th Step — Learn to identify key points

  • How to identify key points

Chapter 15 : ...6th Step — Preparing your own study material

  • Advantages of Preparing your own study material

  • Different methods of preparing your own study material

    • 1. Notes

    • 2. Make notes with your voice

    • 3. Flash Cards

Chapter 16 : ...6th Step — Preparing Mind Map

  • Preparing a Mind Map of Key Points

  • Comparison between conventional notes and Mind Map

  • Figure: Mind Map of Part-5

  • ACTIVITY : Mastering Preparation of Mind Maps

Chapter 17 : ...6th Step — Many Benefits of Increasing Your Word Power

  • How to increase your Word Power?

  • How to master the words in the list

Chapter 18 : ...6th Step — Read Faster and Understand Better

  • Joys of Reading faster

  • How your reading style affects your reading speed

  • Reading word by word

  • Reading phrase by phrase

  • Exercise # 11: Find out your reading speed

  • Factors which influence your reading speed

  • Seven Ways to Increase Your Reading Speed

  • Take care of your eyes and read for a long time without strain

Chapter 19 : 7th Step — Use Effective Revision Schedule

  • You may forget 80% of what you learn within 24 hours!

  • How revision schedule can strengthen your memory

  • Sketch showing process of Learning

  • Dealing with our wandering mind…

  • Revision Schedule

  • How Revision Schedule saves time

  • Revision by using text or notes

Chapter 20 : 8th Step — How to Make Your Memory Powerful

  • What scientists know today about memory

  • About the reason we forget

  • Ways to remove memory blockages

  • How to memorize effectively

  • How Your Memory is Organized

  • Sensory Memory

  • Short Term Memory

  • Long Term Memory

  • Sketch Showing Organization of Memory

  • Believe in Your Memory Power

  • Influence of Negative Self-opinions

  • Cultivate Positive Opinions About Your Memory

  • Steps to make your memory EXTRA STRONG

  • Memory Tips for using

  • Just before studying

  • During Studying

  • After Studying

  • Memory Tools

  • Use Both Sides Of Your Brain To Learn Faster And Remember Better

    • Tool #1. Use of Mental Pictures

    • Tool #2. Key Words

    • Tool #3. Acronyms

    • Tool #4. Funny sentences

    • Tool #5. Peg System

    • Tool #6. Link System

Chapter 21 : 9th Step—Preparing Model Answers to Possible Questions

  • Benefits of preparing model answers

  • Where to find questions!

  • Where to find answers

Chapter 22 : 10th Step — Getting Top Score In Tests and Exams.

  • You can be successful in every examination

  • What is your attitude towards exam?

  • Illustration: Attitude influences your performance

  • What failure or poor performance in examination indicates?

  • More preparation leads to high score

  • Revise your subjects properly

  • Art of Writing Perfect answers

  • Program your brain to give top performance

  • The night before examination

  • In the morning

  • In the examination hall

  • ACTION time—the start of exam

  • Evaluation of Answers

Chapter 23 : 11th Step—Your Health and Brain Power

  • Formula for health and fitness 115

Chapter 24 : Working Out The Practical

Chapter 25 : Talk Your Way In Viva Voce

Chapter 26 : How To Get Up When You Fall Down

Chapter 27 : How To write Impressive Essays

Chapter 28 : Tame Those Difficult Subjects

Action Checklist To Score High in Exams.

List of 1100 Basic Words to Improve Your Reading
Speed, Understanding & Fluency of Speech

Career Goal Card

Integrated Study Method Card

Powerful Affirmations

Index Career Goal Card

Integrated Study Method Card

Powerful Affirmations

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