Table Of Contents of


Brainpower Secrets
& Self-Motivation
Tools To Make Success Automatic

Highlights of part –1             

Chapter 1 : Know In Just 66 Seconds, Whether You Have Been Programmed To Excel In Studies And Life Or Not

  • Instructions to take test
  • Take The Test

  • Evaluation of Test Results

  • Final Evaluation of Test Result

  • Your REAL Description and Three Proofs to Prove how it is 100% Correct

  • Proof # 1—How You Are A Born Winner

  • Proof # 2—You Were a Success Even Before Going to School!

  • Proof # 3—You Have Already Achieved Many Significant Successes

  • How You Get Programmed In The First Place

  • Replace Your Negative Programs With Positive

  • Develop Powerful Self-Image Permanently



Chapter 2 : Use Working Secrets of Your Brain To Change Your Life

  • Working Secret #1:Your brain is a Goal Driven Success Machine
  • Working Secret #2: The Magic of RAS

  • Working Secret #3: Use your whole brain to Learn Better

  • Working Secret #4: Your amazing brain Cells

  • Working Secret #5: The more you use the more you get

  • Working Secret #6: You have a perfect brain if…

  • Working Secret #7: Factors influencing your brainpower

  • Four properties of your brain and how to use them to control your future



Chapter 3 : Learn to Use Power of Your Emotions

  • “I LIKE,” “I WANT,” “I CAN,” Mode of Thinking Puts Your Brain into Top Gear

Chapter 4 : Tools to Motivate Yourself

  • Know How Your Role of Student can make or break Your Life
  • Use Your Success Record to Amplify Your Strengths

  • Example of Success Record

  • Action Plan # 1: Prepare Your Success Record

  • QUALITIES That Attract Opportunities and Success to You

  • Example of Identifying Success Qualities

  • Action Plan # 2 : Identifying Qualities Which Helped me to Achieve Some Important Successes

  • Action Plan # 3 : Create a Powerful Affirmation to Change Your Self-image and enhance your self-esteem